Best Seo Newsletters

SEO is fast-changing, dynamic, and highly temporal in nature.

That means time is often at the essence and current, up-to-date knowledge is extremely valuable.

The internet – and search engines – are changing all the time.

Keeping up to date with the very latest in SEO news is crucial for marketing and advertising success.

To broaden your SEO knowledge and bring you up to date with the latest and greatest developments in search engine optimization and many other marketing-related topics, signing up for SEO newsletters is an excellent idea.

Most are free but there are also paid premium SEO newsletters that provide in-depth cutting-edge insight.

SEO newsletters are also usually written and curated by experts in the field. They provide real-world actionable insight and introspect on what is happening in the industry right now.

Why Sign Up to SEO Newsletters?

The internet has been around for over 30 years but in this short and rather ephemeral period of digital history, the web has grown from its humble roots into probably humanity’s most influential technology.

The exponential growth of technology as a whole is certainly mirrored in SEO, marketing, advertising, and all other related topics. It’s a fast-shifting landscape that is constantly evolving.

As the internet has become larger, richer, and more diverse, SEO has changed dramatically over time – newsletters bring you stories from the industry as they unfold right now.

Search Engines Evolve Through Time

Many changes in SEO revolve around Google algorithm updates. Google’s algorithms have gone through at least 10 or more prolific shake-ups, some of which have rocked the SEO and marketing industry to its core

Keeping on top of SEO news and updates helps you keep on top of your sites, your clients, and any of your own SEO and marketing efforts.

  • Newsletters help you react to changes quickly and stay ahead of the game

But it’s not just Google algorithm updates that you can track with SEO newsletters, but all manner of trends in marketing, advertising, UI and UX, content writing, blogging, technical SEO, plugins, web design trends, and much more.

Many SEO newsletters contain expert insight and tips straight from successful marketing consultants.

There’s some real gold dust waiting to be discovered!

So, without further ado, here are the best SEO newsletters to sign up for today:

Moz Top 10

Type/Content: Curated content list and links

Frequency: Twice a month

Paid/Free?: Free

The Moz Top 10 is a curated list of articles relating to SEO and the many other topics, subjects, and disciplines that surround it. Covered topics include SEO, content, programming, social, design, UX, and much more.

Moz state they read some 50 newly published articles each week and then pick the very best to send out in their newsletter.

Articles from their ‘Top 10 of the Top 10’ list include this long-form post on content strategy from BrainLabsDigital, this detailed post on structured and microdata from BuiltVisible, and this shorter post on gaming search algorithms by Portent. There’s something in there for all disciplines of SEO and marketing.

This newsletter takes the legwork out of finding currently relevant blogs and posts yourself.

Simple but very effective!

The SEOFOMO Newsletter

Type/Content: SEO news, marketing, and marketing jobs

Frequency: Weekly

Paid/Free: Free

A real favorite in SEO circles and fully vouched-for by Ahrefs, the SEOFOMO newsletter covers SEO news, reviews, tools and provides SEO job listings and projects. Run by SEO consultant and author Aleyda Solis, this excellent newsletter will keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in SEO.

Join the 10,000+ SEO pros and consultants that dig through this superb newsletter each Monday!

Marie Haynes SEO Newsletter

Type/Content: Curated input from SEO pros, news, resources, and tips and tricks

Frequency: Weekly

Paid/Free: Free or $18 for the pro newsletter that contains additional expert insights and access to all past newsletters

Another highly-regarded SEO newsletter, the Marie Haynes SEO Newsletter provides algorithm insights and real, contemporary SEO advice for marketers and SEOs of all levels.

The free newsletter contains important updates about Google algorithms and search engine updates, but the professional paid newsletter contains tons of high-echelon insight, actionable tips and tricks, expert advice, case studies, and more.

This is one of the most popular paid SEO newsletters around.

Collaborada SEO Newsletter

Type/Content: Squarespace-oriented news and algorithm updates

Frequency: Monthly

Paid/Free: $7 monthly

Purpose-designed for Squarespace sites and Mailchimp users, the Collaborada SEO Newsletter provides actionable insight specifically for these platforms. Whilst it is oriented around Squarespace, it does have relevant content for all SEOs.

The newsletter doesn’t include affiliates and is strongly focused on providing genuine, actionable insight. Even though it only sends out monthly, it contains plenty of in-depth information on Squarespace SEO now and in the future and makes for a comprehensive read.

Search Engine Journal Newsletter

Type/Content: SEO, advertising, social, and content marketing

Frequency: Daily or monthly

Paid/Free: Free

Search Engine Land is a leading authority in SEO, advertising, and marketing in all digital forms. This superbly detailed newsletter covers 4 niches, and you can select which ones you subscribe to. Newsletters send daily or monthly depending on your selections.

  • SEO
  • Content
  • PPC
  • Social

Each newsletter provides reading, content, news, tool recommendations, reviews, and pro SEO tips and tricks. It’s superbly diverse and there’s something in there for everyone, no matter where your SEO skill and difficulty levels are at.

SEO Theory Premium Newsletter

Type/Content: SEO strategy, case studies, technical SEO, and research paper reviews

Frequency: Weekly

Paid/Free: $25 a month.

SEO Theory’s newsletter is arguably one of the most technically comprehensive and detailed available. It’s a huge newsletter full of expert tips and tricks, strategies, actionable insights, reviews, case studies, and research paper reviews. It goes to the heart of technical SEO and uses a rigorous analytical method to sift through the latest information.

This newsletter is no-frills, dense, and information-rich with no upselling. A brilliant choice for those that require uncensored technically in-depth SEO info.

Whilst it might seem expensive, it does provide a huge resource of ongoing information that saves you huge amounts of time doing your own research.

Nick Leroy #SEOforLunch Newsletter

Type/Content: All things SEO; technical SEO, algorithm updates, strategy, content

Frequency: Weekly

Paid/Free: Free

Vouched for by top SEO pros such as Cyrus Shepard and Marie Haynes, this weekly free newsletter contains quick and easily readable professional insight into SEO right now.

Nick Leroy himself has an excellent reputation and everything is broken down with personal opinion and introspect into what algorithm updates and trends mean for the SEO industry.

There are also tools/resource giveaways and insight from professional SEO conferences and seminars. A solid all-rounder that is totally free.

The Content Technologist by Deborah Carver

Type/Content: Curated website content, essays, and reviews covering everything from design and UX to content and SEO.

Frequency: Weekly

Paid/Free: $8 monthly for gated content and the newsletter

This professional resource covers many topics within SEO but also design, content strategy and journalism, UX, and programming. It’s a highly regarded technical resource that resides on the cutting edge of SEO and related topics.

Paid membership nets you discounts on coveted SEO educational programs as well as access to all gated content on the site and a weekly newsletter.

The newsletter contains an extremely well-written, detailed essay on contemporary issues, challenges, or news within SEO and digital cultures.

The SEO Digest

Type/Content: Expert-level SEO tips, tricks, tutorials, reviews, and resources

Frequency: Weekly

Paid/Free: Free

The SEO Digest newsletter is self-labeled for expert SEO only. By data consultant Jeremy Mauboussin, it contains curated content, resources, and links to new blogs and content. It provides in-depth opinion pieces and tutorial-like guides at the cutting edge of SEO.

This is one of the best expert-oriented SEO newsletters around, and it sends weekly for free.

Marketing Examples

Type/Content: Marketing and content writing

Frequency: Twice a month

Paid/Free: Free

Marketing Examples’ gorgeous site tells you all you need to know about its curator, Harry Dry’s technical know-how, and marketing success. Vouched by Ahrefs, Marketing Examples provides a superb newsletter filled primarily with awesome case studies and real-world insight.

This newsletter has racked up some 50,000+ subscribers so far and contains stories that follow political leaders, football managers, musicians, and many other public figures as well as big brands worldwide. 

The Marketing Examples newsletter is very contemporary and up-to-date and provides real context to the fields of SEO and marketing. It goes to the heart of social trends, current affairs, and SEO best practices for the here and now.

SEO Notebook

Type/Content: SEO, content, and affiliate marketing with plenty of real-world tips and tricks

Frequency: Weekly

Paid/Free: Free

Another top newsletter used by international SEO professionals, the SEO Notebook contains real-world, and at times cunning or even secretive (but white-hat) techniques and strategies. The knowledge contained in this newsletter clearly precipitates from real-world success and is hard-won by the success of its creator, Steve Toth.

This is a superb weekly newsletter that contains SEO tips you probably won’t see anywhere else. It’s cutting-edge stuff and provided a unique blend between case studies and real-world insight and more technical theory and news.

The Weekly SEO

Type/Content: Curated lists, articles, and reviews

Frequency: Weekly

Paid/Free: Free

A classic curated newsletter with expert insight from successful SEO and marketer Andrew Charlton, The Weekly SEO contains an awesome round-up of news, updates, and articles or tutorials that are in the vogue.

It’s easy to read and links-out to tons of very useful news articles and blogs. Takes a lot of the legwork out of doing your own SEO current affairs research.

Tl;dr Marketing

Content/Type: Marketing news and case studies

Frequency: Daily

Paid/Free: Free

A classic daily round-up of SEO news and information. This easily readable newsletter (hence the tl;dr) is super easy to skim over for relevant information, articles, news, and case studies from across the world of marketing and SEO. 

Growth Memo

Content/Type: Marketing news and curated expert insight

Frequency: Weekly

Paid/Free: Free

Kevin Indig is currently the director of SEO Shopify, so it may come as no surprise that this newsletter is absolutely perfect for anyone that uses the Shopify platform. It still contains tons of general marketing and SEO information and everything is carefully curated and analyzed by the man himself.

Another excellent newsletter that provides quick, professional, and in-depth real-world insight into what’s happening in the SEO and marketing industries right now.

Free Vs Paid Newsletters

You may have noticed that some SEO newsletters are paid, whereas others are free.

So are paid SEO letters worth it?

They certainly can be, and you will find that many paid SEO newsletters come with discounted tools, plugins, resources, and educational resources. It mostly depends on your knowledge of SEO and commitment to it as a career and/or strategy that you’re applying to your own projects.

Whilst SEO resources are generally very info-rich – and there’s a huge amount you can find out for free – there are also many cutting-edge techniques that can save time and money. Some of these might be best-discovered from premium SEO newsletters.

This is the kind of SEO ‘stuff’ you’ll find in newsletters in general, but arguably, you’ll find more hard-won real-world tips in paid content.

But, the standards of all SEO newsletters – paid and free – are extremely high and by signing up for a mixture of newsletters, you’ll certainly find that your SEO knowledge increases in no time at all!


SEO is fast and dynamic and is always evolving as the internet changes.

That’s why SEO newsletters are a fantastic thing to sign up for.

Most are curated or written directly by leading professionals in the field, and it’s great to receive information directly from successful marketers and SEOs.

After a while, all of that pro insight will really rub off on you. Also, for agencies or SEO pros or budding SEO consultants, etc, newsletters provide you with the cutting-edge insight you need to display to win clients over.

It’s one thing to be knowledgeable in your field, but to be knowledgeable in the cutting-edge developments of your field is very important in today’s fast-paced industry.

I have been doing SEO in one form or another for the past 12 years. Currently, I have several clients and a small portfolio of websites. My aim with this site is to give beginners everything they need to get started in SEO.

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